Playing Nice Since ’05

We’ve been sitting on the “Playing Nice” tee for over a month and are finally releasing it to the public. It’s a very limited print run and we only had 24 pieces made. Get one now cause once they are gone they are gone for good.

Making enemies is never a good thing and there will always be people in life creating obstacles that will reveal your mental strength. There are those that give into these difficult situations and those who don’t. The mentally tough individuals who keep a smile up, face adversity and “play nice” are often rewarded. Do you have what it takes?

Stay Fresher.

Fresher Gradient Logo Tee & Tank

We reworked the classic Fresher logo and brought it to you just in time for summer. Head over to the online store to get one of these limited run tees/tanks today!

Collection Two Lookbook

Shot at various locations at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, UC Berkeley, and Alameda Highschool.

Clean, Simple, Visual. Jeffrey Jason.

Here at Fresher we appreciate clean and simple design, which is why we were immediately drawn to This site uses a simple recipe of bold descriptions and strong colors to visually stimulate everybody who lays eyes on it’s pages. Everything you could ever want to see neatly decorate the page, including cars, shoes, clothing, fashion, women, lifestyle, sports, and much more!

We caught up with the guy behind it all, Jeffrey Jason, to get to know him a little better and get to know the history behind

Jeffrey is from Southern California, born and raised, and is a free lance writer who got into writing via his love for sneakers. He’s been buying, selling, trading and collecting sneakers since the late 1990’s. initially was just him posting photos of shoes and garments that he liked. When Jeffrey started the blog he was writing for a sneaker site and gained a few supporters but it wasn’t until he left that job that he realized how many people truly liked his visual taste. He even received a ton of messages from fans letting him know that they wanted him to start his own site.

As Jeffrey put it himself, “the format in which I use, color matching with a caption, really just came about due to the theme I was using at the time. I wanted the blog to be clean and simple without being too boring and the addition of a paragraph below an image made that impossible in my eyes. After I established a format I was happy with I started posting a collection of things I liked and it started getting a lot of positive feedback. I then decided to change the colors of the logo and theme on my blog and Twitter to match certain things of interest like the NBA All-Star game, a new Jordan release or even a new music artist I am liking at the moment. I thought it would be cool to add a “History of Themes” page to the blog so people could see what the current them meant as well as past themes and their inspiration. I also went ahead and added a “Release Dates” page due to my love for sneakers.”

Even though Jeffrey noted that the blogging thing is really new to him, he definitely has found a good design formula that we look forward to seeing more of.

“The love and support is amazing to me as I do not provide a service or sell anything.” – Jeffrey Jason

Go check out his site, follow him on Twitter (@IamJeffreyJason), or add him as a friend on Facebook. If you like his stuff then show him some love and let him know he’d doing a good job!

RYNO – One Wheeled Segway

Segways have always been a fascinating product. Sometimes it seems though that such great potential has been lost when they only people using it are tourists and mall-cops.  I’ve always wanted to ride a segway but have also fought with the nerdy image that’s be tagged along with it. The new RYNO looks much more like a motorcycle but uses the same technology as a segway.

RYNO is a cool electric scooter that not only has one wheel, but is also self-balancing. This “multiple use, hybrid product [is] adaptable to wide range of market segments including” urban low-speed transport, sport, and government / industrial.” They are projected to become available in late 2012 and have a $4,500 price tag.

Check out the videos below!