Fresher is a new clothing brand and lifestyle coming out of the Bay Area. With quality as a high priority and fresh design in mind, we aim to provide apparel so you can stay Fresher.

Fresh·er Per·spec·tive  [fresh-êr · pêr-spek-tiv]


1. People often have that feeling of wanting and needing the next best thing; the next over-the-top design, feature or trend that attempts to build upon or top its predecessor. Fresher aims to make advancements in street wear, while staying rooted and not loosing sight of design and lifestyle goals.

2. Inspired by the cultures of street wear, hip-hop, skateboarding, and dance, Fresher is here  to cultivate these inspirations as well as welcome in a new era of fresh.

3. Fresher is tailored towards individuals living and seeking a simple, bold, playful, and–more than anything–fresher perspective. We keep it simple yet sophisticated as a way for you to stay Fresher than the rest.

We believe in collaboration. One of our goals is to work with artists, designers, athletes, musicians, etc. We know that although many of us are talented, it can be hard to get notice, to get heard, to get seen, or get printed. We encourage you to Contact Us if you are interested in discussing a possible collaboration.

Blog for us. Get heard. Fresher was not built by a guild of writers, but by people with a passion for street wear and the cultures and lifestyles that are associated with it. If you are interested in being a guest poster or a regular, feel free to Contact Us.

-The Freshers